Gasoline Grill, Værnedamsvej
Studio David Thulstrup


Project planning, Lead architect, on site consulting
Project while working for:
Studio David Thulstrup

Photographs by:
Hampus Berndtson

Burger Store Concept
Værnedamsvej 2, Copenhagen
77 m2
Completion - August 2019

Concept and design of a burger restaurant that counters convention with an original and elegant expression while also being unpretentious and simple in keeping with Gasoline Grill’s open and honest approach. Galvanized steel and LED lights are alternated with a warm terrazzo of light brown and red pebbles for the counter top and flooring, The open kitchen and counter are inserted into the space, floating free of the perimeter walls and highlighting the existing plaster ceiling, which has distinctive small arches.
SDT designed a new stool in European oak in partnership with e15, with simple geometry and a sculptural profile that is solid and stable and perfect for its fast food location. Other custom designs include the suspended ceiling above the kitchen made of galvanized steel, terrazzo basin, a metal cabinet for the meat grinder and a backlit menu box and beverage display units.
Text by Studio David Thulstrup

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