Rooftop Furniture, Nygårdsvej

Architect and on site consulting
Project while working for:

Rooftop Furniture for youth housing
Nygårdsvej 16, Copenhagen Ø
Completion - June 2021

The assignment was to create a way to divide the rooftop terrace into smaller spaces in order to not encourage parties on the rooftop terrace. An initial project of erecting fences cut off the terrace for larger gatherings had been created and had official approval.

Instead of finding an off-the-shelf fence, a counter-proposal was created. What if we encourage other uses of the space than partying and turn it into a gathering spot where
physical activities are possible, where you go up for herbs when you are cooking, or sunbath in the
summer? Building the furniture out of standard-sized elephant grates, the structure fits into the aesthetic of the building by using the same material and finish galvanized steel. Divisions are created by in corporating flower pots into the structure and by
organizing the grates in different heights.